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6-9 years


Blind Ba Pin was hit by a car and abandoned at the vet's clinic by her rescuer, so we took her in.
A lady who cares for a group of local street dogs saw a post about Ba Pin and believed she was one of hers. Ba Pin had been sedated to be taken for an eye checkup but ran off. We think Ba Pin was woozy and had wandered into the road where she was hit by an on coming vehicle. This lady offered to donate towards Ba Pin’s treatment and to take her back. There was no way we could let Ba Pin back on the streets being blind, so we  said we’d keep her.
The first week wasn’t easy (July 2022).  Ba Pin was’nt eating much which was probably due to stress and pain as she'd been through a terrible time and didn’t know where she was or who we were.   Despite being on painkillers for 5 days Ba Pin didn’t allow anyone to touch her left leg. The vet  said  her leg wasn’t broken.  After 7 days of growing concerns Ba Pin started to make a little progress.  She shuffled around changing positions every few hours.
We were concerned about her inability to defecate. Ba Pin had laxatives for 3 days with no success so I doubled her daily dose. It worked. But she was still struggling.
After a few days, we were still  unhappy with Ba Pin’s improvement. We drove the 100km to our special cases vet. Her bloodwork didn't make happy reading. Her Creatinine level was 3.0 which means Ba Pin has Stage 3 kidney failure. She also had 2 types of blood parasites. E-Canis and Anaplasmosis which is particularly virulent. The vet checked Ba Pin's left eye and believed it could  regain some vision. We were given a large prescription for all her ailments and preceded to administer the medication back at our Healing Centre as the vet decided not to admit her. We didn't know she was so sick and we hoped we could rise to the challenge of making the final stages of her life comfortable and happy.
The following day Ba Pin had a relapse. She'd been sick in the night and brought up blood. When we described the blood the vet said it had come from her kidneys and she must be put on a 1000ml intravenous drip immediately. It took 7 hours and we had to take turns watching her in case she pulled out the infusion needle.She must have felt much better the following day cos she stood up and walked twice. This is the first time since we rescued her that she's walked. We were overjoyed!
Ba Pin has been with us for 2 weeks and is doing mch better than we anticipated. After 10 days on a drip she started to stand regularly. Her appetite never failed and she lover her homemade kidney diet meals. Her intestines aren't back to normal but they're mproving with laxatives. She enjoys the attention she's getting with daily bed washes and food 3 times a day. 
Ba Pin is beginning to enjoy her life despite her serious illnesses. She'd love someone to care for her in her twilight years. So if her story has touched your heart please consider sponsoring this old blind dog who's so deserving.

Пожалуйста, спонсируйте меня!

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