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6-9 years


We found Chabba lying on the road  covered in blood and unconscious after being hit head on by a speeding pickup truck . We rushed her to the vet, as we arrived she started to regain onsciousness.

The vet gave her a thorough examination and found no major injuries although was a little concerned that she might have suffered a minor brain injury. After a few more tests he felt that Chabba was OK and we could take her back to our Healing Centre. She needed to be heavily sedated.

Amazingly Chabba suffered no broken bones. However she had difficulty in digesting her food and often regurgitated it, We had to give her special soft food for sevveral months because she was obviously suffering from internal bruising.

Since the moment Chabba regained full consciousness when arriving back at our Healing Centre, she has been a nervous and skittish dog. We are sure she has some brain damage as she doesn’t recognise people after a few days absence.  In fact for several years Chabba would run away from strangers squelling in fright. However,  during the 8 years (2014) Chabba has been with us she has gained a lot of confidence. She will except treats from people she knows and has even let a few people stroke her.

Chabba can never be adopted that is why we asking for your compassion and generosity to sponosor her. Our healing centre is her forever home. She is very happy in her pen with her best friends, Bertie and Duan. Chabba also loves puppies and is a wonderful foster mother who is so happy playing with them. This interaction helps Chabba and the puppies gain confidence.

Пожалуйста, спонсируйте меня!

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