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3-6 years


Daeng, a beloved temple dog who recently reappeared after missing for three weeks, only to be

met with a serious health crisis. Soon after her return, Daeng's rapid deterioraion raised

concerns. Emaciated and showing signs of skin cancer, urgent blood parasite treatment was

initiated at our Healing Centre.

She was put in a special pen for dogs undergoing treatment, Daeng found companionship with

several friends she knew from the temple. Despite a persistent skin tumor, daily care, the

introduction of CBD oil, and natural therapy treatments have stopped any more tumours from

appearing. Dang remains alert and even playful, bringing hope that she may recover.

Daeng would dearly love a sponsor to help her on her path to recovery. Your sponsorship will

help ensure she gets the best treatment and medication. We are reluctant to allow her tumour to

be removed as there’s a strong possibility her skin cancer will spread. Currently Daeng remains

stable and happy and suffers no pain. Please help her remain that way.

Пожалуйста, спонсируйте меня!

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