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We were shocked to find this tiny Holly in a rickety old puppy cage in the temple huddled up, starving, cold, and being eaten by lice. We thought she was dead. The old monk said three puppies had been left on the side of the road outside the temple early this January 24. Within three days of bringing them in, Two had already died and this little angel was already knocking on heaven's door. He told us he'd fed Holly milk but he would have had to hand-feed her which he couldn’t do. He probably left some milk in a bowl beside her.

We quickly took Holly to the vet unsure if she'd last the short trip. Our main concern was Parvo which is still in the ground where we found her. The vet said her temperature was normal but she was starving. He gave her 5ml of goats milk which she finished in seconds. Feed her slowly was his advice as she hadn't eaten for days. You can see how tiny she was from the size of the vet's hand. She's now in a small puppy travelling cage at our house. Holly's had another feed and is now fast asleep. We hope we can pull her through as she has very little strength.

Four months later, take a look at Holly. She's just been spayed and has blossomed into a lovely young lady.

Holly's update May 2024

Already recovered from her blood parasite attack, the last 6 months of Holly’s further recovery haven’t been without a few setbacks. Holly gave me quite a scare when she woke me around 3 a.m. one night with the sound of retching, and when I checked on her, she was bringing up foam and looked very unwell.

Our vet examined Holly’s gums and eyes, which were very pale, indicating that she was still anaemic. This was quite a shock since she completed her 30-day blood parasite treatment 10 days previously, but her blood levels have still not returned to normal. The vet recommended she continue on iron supplements for another month.

Just as we thought she was doing well, Holly broke out in nasty sores from where she’d been infected as a tiny puppy by an infestation of lice. The sores had spread across her neck and she was in a lot of pain. We managed to contain the infection with medication and happily after 10 days it had been completely eradicated.

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