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3-6 years


Mara’s case was horrific and left us shaken. Mara was living at the temple where she’d been abandoned with her Mother and 6 puppies. She vanished for three days and returned in a shocking state, but we believe her injuries were neglected for much longer.

Mara's paw and lower leg appeared blackened which concerned us that gangrene might be setting in. We rushed her to the vet for further urgent care, where she received antibiotic injection and pain relief injections. He advised that her leg would need to be amputated the next day.. This devastating news was compounded by a horrific discovery the next morning, that Mara had chewed off her infected leg during the night.

We transported her to a specialized veterinary clinic over 100 kilometres away to handle her critical state. There, the remaining part of her leg was amputated, and she was treated for severe infection and tested for blood parasites. The surgery revealed that Mara's shoulder was also badly swollen and cracked, possibly from a heavy blow or a vehicle strike within the temple grounds.

After her emergency operation and a week-long hospital stay to monitor her condition, Mara is now recuperating at our Healing Centre. (March 2024) where she’ll stay until she’s fully recovered. She dearly needs a sponsor to help with her ongoing medication and any additional help such as sterilization and vaccinations. She also needs long term help to recover emotionally from her horrific experience.

This case highlights the critical importance of vigilant care and early intervention in animal welfare. Mara's heartbreaking story is a stark reminder of the suffering animals can endure through neglect and abuse, and underscores our commitment to rescuing, healing, and advocating for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Please help Mara’s recovery and sponsor her today! Thank you.

Пожалуйста, спонсируйте меня!

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