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0-3 years


Myla's ordeal began when she, along with her family, were brought to a local neutering clinic in a dire state. A brutal monkey bite during a coconut collection left her paralyzed and in terrible health. Neglected for at least a month, Myla's back legs became calcified and rigid, and she was infested with fleas and worms.

An urgent operation in January 22, 2021, after x-rays revealed dislocated and damaged hips from the bite. Steel pins and plates were implanted, and Myla spent two weeks in the hospital, undergoing laser treatment. Despite spinal cord damage, Myla's determination shone through as she started standing and walking with assistance.

Back home, Myla's progress was swift. In less than a week, she stood firmly in her harness, gradually gaining strength. Challenges like misaligned hocks didn't deter her. Treadmill exercises and a standing frame aided her rehabilitation, with Myla learning to stand and even hop with her back legs.

Videos capture her remarkable journey, debunking initial doubts from some vets. Myla's resilience and the unwavering support of her caretakers fueled her recovery. Evenings in the garden became moments of joy as Myla's strength and enthusiasm grew.

Myla's story, a testament to resilience and compassion, continues to inspire as she triumphs over adversity.

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