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0-3 years


Sweet Rabbit was found abandoned in southern Thailand with a rope tied around her neck and embedded deeply into her flesh. The rope was attached to a heavy chain that imprisoned her in a world of unbearable suffering and made decapitation an inevitability.

This poor dog was starving, emaciated, and terrified of imminent death when we freed her from the iron chains of death. Of course, time was against us as we raced to remove the rope that sliced into her flesh like a razor blade.

Poor Rabbit was anaesthetized upon arrival at the animal hospital so that doctors could clean and sterilize the massive holes in her neck created by flesh-eating maggots and safely remove the embedded rope. Rabbit was put on strict bed rest for several days after surgery to allow the injuries to heal.

She is a sweet gentle dog who is amazingly long suffering about her neck wound treatment. She doesn't flinch or move whilst the deep holes are washed out and medicated. After new bandages are wrapped around her neck she's so happy. Rabbit likes to climb on top of her cage which we left in her pen. That's where we always find her wagging her tail waiting for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

It's been just five days (September 22) after her surgery and  Rabbit is already showing signs of improvement. It will be a long time before her wounds have completely healed. Despite the endless pain and trauma, Rabbit is eternally grateful to have a chance at a better life.

Please consider sponsoring sweet little Rabbit to help her forget her trauma.

Пожалуйста, спонсируйте меня!

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