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9+ years


Rijit's accidents, injuries and afflictions over the past 18 months (2021) have been and still are heartbreaking.

Rijit lived happily at the temple when she was rescued by a monk as a tiny puppy 14 years ago.  She never had an illness or injury and stayed with her group of friends.  Then it all started to go seriously wrong for her last year.

Deep facial wound

First, she was badly bitten in her face. We assumed it was a dog bite not wishing to think that anyone could have hit her causing a deep hole.  No one was around at the temple to ask.

We found her with blood pouring out of her wound and she could hardly see.  After taking her to the vet we brought her into our Healing Centre where it took 2 months for the wound to heal.

She returned to the temple where she lives happily with her friends.

Rijit was badly injured and almost unrecognizable

Several months after her face wound Rijit came hobbling towards us clearly asking for help. We were about to leave the temple when she suddenly appeared from under a bush.

I hardly recognized her. She was just skin and bones. How could this happen? We hadn't seen her all week so she must have been hiding in great pain. It looked like she hadn't eaten for a week or more.

Her knee was cracked and the joint dislocated

Rijit was holding up her back leg which seemed to be swinging in the air. The leg must be broken. It was very swollen around the knee joint and she didn't want us to touch it. In fact, we had to put a muzzle on Rijit for fear of getting bitten.

There was no monk around to ask what had happened to this poor suffering dog who is so friendly. Why hadn't anyone contacted us?

Our vet has no x-ray facility and neither do the other two vets in town. Rijit's temperature was high which is a sure sign of infection. She was panting heavily from pain and flinched as the vet examined her knee joint.

His prognosis was that her knee bone is cracked and the joint dislocated. She'd been hit either by a car or motorbike speeding through the temple grounds. Yet another temple dog casualty from a heartless careless driver.  'She needs cage rest to give time for the bone to heal' the vet told us. Rijit was given pain killers, anti-biotics calcium and a range of vitamins and oils and given a soft rug to lie on.

Taken to our Healing Centre

She has been at our Healing Centre (for the 2nd time) for nearly a month. She still can't put her foot on the ground for more than seconds and her thigh muscles are becoming wasted. We give her massages but she doesn't allow more than a few seconds.

Rijit's had several checkups as she is still feeling pain from the joint. We've added anti-inflammatory meds to her list of medications. Rijit is about 14 years old and so her bone will take longer to heal.

We noticed she was also looking very bloated which concerned us as she may have suffered internal injuries as well. The vet confirmed there was no swelling and suggested she may be retaining her urine. His advice was to keep the pen door open.

Please help Rijit heal

Rijit will not be returning to the temple. These two painful incidents have left her weak and shaken. We cannot take the chance of a third accident or attack striking her down again. Rijit will become a full-time resident at our Healing Centre where we can keep her safe.

Rijit was diagnosed with Glaucoma

On 20 Nov 2021 Rijit became an emergency.

Thank heavens we got her to our special cases vet today. Her left eye was about to burst.

Our special cases vet knew Rijit had Glaucoma as soon as he saw her.  He measured the pressure in her eyes with a tonometer. Her horribly swollen left eye's pressure was 98 and her right eye which had internal bleeding had a pressure of 18. Normal eye pressure is 25.

He put Rijit on an intravenous drip immediately which she needed for 3 days twice a day. He's prescribed Doxy meds which is an effective antibiotic for the eyes. And very important Rimadyl anti-inflammatory meds. The vet told us Glaucoma is very painful so poor Rijit has been suffering for 2 weeks with the wrong diagnosis.

Rijit's second check-up.

After several weeks' treatment and one check-up we took Rijit for her 2nd check-up, the vet was very pleased with Rijit's progress   Surprisingly her eye pressure had gone even lower.  We'd been giving her special eye drops every other day as directed by the vet. But her pressure hadn't increased.

After 2.5 months of treatment, Rijit's Glaucoma has improved greatly.

Rijit is a different dog from the one we rushed to the vet in November 2021.   Her last vet's visit was 3 weeks ago when both eye pressures were very low so we were told to stop her special eye drops.

Rijit has daily antibiotic eye cream and CBD oil 3 times a day. Just look at her smiling face! She needs lots of comforting and attention which she gets!

Sadly Rijit is almost blind but she avoids objects at the last minute indicating she has minimal sight. We were told she may regain some of her sights as her eyes heal but I think that would be a small miracle.

Most importantly Rijit is no longer in pain, she's happier and she's mobile albeit to a limited extent.

Please sponsor sweet long-suffering Rijit who has been through so much pain and suffering.  She dearly needs someone to love her.

Пожалуйста, спонсируйте меня!

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